Friday, June 27, 2008

What Energizes You?

I was walking around Wal Mart today, killing time while I waited for my wife, and stumbled on something I didn't expect. If you are like me you love electronics. I love the newest gadget, computer, Ipod, TV, Phone, Camera, you name it. I marvel at the time we live in and how we are so connected and inner connected; and it is all because of the electronics we have created. I am looking for a new TV. LCD or plasma, 720 verses 1080 and what contrast ratio, 37 inch or 47, well you get the idea. I wasted all of the time I could at the TV's waiting for my lovely bride when I wondered over to the music.

Now I don't buy much music at the store anymore, I download most of it from Itunes, but every now and then I make a discovery that is worth a purchase. Tonight I found a Garth Brooks box set with four of his most famous concerts and a best of DVD music videos. Five DVD's for, get this, five dollars. I do love a bargain and I threw that treasure find into my cart and headed off to find my wife with a new found urgency to get home and watch these DVD's that I didn't even posses just a few minutes before, but now were possessing me.

I love country music, mostly because I can understand the words, unlike most of the music my kids listen to every day. I also love ballads, and country music is full of them, so I naturally gravitate toward that genre. Now, Garth Brooks was one of my favorites during the time he hit it big. His music takes me back to a different time in my life, a good time, a time when life was simpler, or maybe it just seemed that way.

Well you may be thinking what is the point? Indeed the point is simply this, I began to watch these videos and found myself becoming energized, full of enthusiasm and ready to do whatever needed doing. You may remember a Garth Brooks concert was a happening, the man would run from one side of the stage to the other and full tilt (with boots on) and have his band behind him and get to the other side, which was a long way away because they had built, well, runways for him, and he would sing without even breathing hard.

It energized him, he loved what he was doing and was exceptionally good at it. His career was a rocket! I can't help but think his energy and enthusiasm made him the rocket he became and the icon he is today. He loved what he was doing and it showed and it was contagious.

As I watched Garth in Central Park in New York City and across the pond in Dublin, Ireland I found myself taken back to a time in my life when passion fueled my days. Tonight with that new found passion and a joy in the simple things in life, I was able to do some planning, write some posts and spend some time with my kids. Why? Because I was passionate again and something that I enjoyed was the catalyst.

What do you love? What fuels your passions? What can help springboard you into your passion and have you look at life the way Garth did, with an unbridled zest that made him run across stage and act like a kid. Find your passion, do whatever it takes to rekindle or maybe discover what it is that makes you the person God designed you to be, it is worth the time.

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