Monday, December 04, 2006

Am I Behind?

Is it me or is everyone struggling to catch up with the world. It seems the harder I try to stay current the harder it gets. This blog thing is still somewhat new to me, I mean I'm still trying to figure out how to use it. I mean is it really worth my time (and yours) to put down my thoughts on the world wide web? What it is the purpose? And then I am discovering this podcasting thing. I know, some of you have been doing this thing for a long time, but I am still trying to figure it out.

As a pastor (associate and youth) I think the podcast thing has real value and application. But then I check my web stats and I am disappointed at the number of hits from my congregation. I publish a weekly ezine to over 80 folks and direct them to different pages on my site and I get darn few hits. The thing that frustrates me is I hear complaints of not being communicative, what? I can't call all of you everyday, take some initiative! But then I think about how much "stuff" there is out there that we have to keep up with and I can't blame my flock.

But what if I could keep up and guide them? Exciting though and terrifying all at once. So I'm back to the "I feel behind" thing again. How do you keep up with it all. Just a few years ago the kids I was working with in the youth were cutting edge with email. Now that is passe, text messages, cell phones and My Space dominate (I'm still trying to get that figured out too), not to mention instant messaging, which I think I have licked.

I have heard it said that the average 17th century Englishman was never exposed to more information that is contained in a Sunday New York Times in HIS LIFETIME! No wonder I feel behind. But I will trudge on, and if anyone has any advice on this podcasting thing I would be forever in your debt. In the meantime I think I will turn off the computer, shut down my palm, finishing updating my IPOD and check my MySpace one more time before bed, after all I don't want to get behind.

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